What is the Safest iPad case for Kids ? Best iPad mini 5 screen protectors 2021

After a long wait, the iPad mini 6 is finally here. It has all of its predecessor’s features and then some! With Touch ID in place for more security than ever before as well as A15 Bionic processor that will make your iPhone X Sling look like an amateur by comparison – this latest edition to Apple’s tablet line doesn’t disappoint at all.

The best way to protect your new iPad mini 6 is with a screen protector. There are tons of different styles and brands, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites for you!

1- ESR tempered glass screen protector: Editor’s choice

ESR tempered glass screen protector is a must have for your iPad Mini . ESR’s screen protectors are designed to be ultra-thin, durable, and provide maximum protection from high-impact drops and scratches. The 0.3mm thickness maintains the touch sensitivity of the touchscreen while keeping it safe from damage due to impact or scratching. It also comes with an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants from sticking on the surface of the glass protector. The 9H hardness rating ensures that your screen will not get damaged even if


2- MoKo PET screen protector

Moko screen protector for Apple Pencil is made of high-quality PET film, which provides the clear and vivid color. The self-adhesive sheet can prevent bubbles during installation. 9H hardness offers protection from scratches and daily wear and tear. High response sensitivity maintains your screen’s original touch experience. Easy to apply and remove without leaving residue marks on the device.

THE RIGHT SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR YOUR PENCIL… Moko has designed matte screen protectors especially for Apple Pencil users who want smooth writing or


3- Sparin Screen Protector: Best value for money

The Sparin screen protector is made of high quality tempered glass that maintains the original touch feel. The 0.33mm thick glass makes it highly resistant to scratches and shattering, effectively protecting your phone screen from damage. Its smooth surface adds no extra bulk to your phone while providing crystal clear clarity to your device’s display.




4- ProCase screen protector: Best for privacy

ProCase privacy screen protector for iPad Pro (9.7 inch) is a must-have accessory for anyone who values their privacy. This anti-glare film ensures that the screen is only visible to the person directly in front of it, and side-snoopers see a dark screen. Additionally, it boasts 9H hardness and 0.33mm thickness, keeping your iPad and its sensitivity well-protected.



5- Pulen anti-scratch tempered glass: HD film

Pulen’s anti-scratch, 9H hardness tempered glass is laser-cut to fit your device perfectly. It boasts 2.5 curved edges that wholly and snuggly fit your device. Furthermore, it is super easy to install with no bubbles or residue; a win-win situation.




FAQs for iPad mini 5 screen protectors 


1-  Why do we still need a screen protector for the iPad mini?

The iPad mini 6th generation is a great tablet for home users. But if you plan on drawing or sketching, it’s best to get a screen protector so that experience isn’t hindered by the lack of responsiveness from your device touchpad (which can feel like Plastic).

A lightweight matte finish would be ideal since they are super thin and smooth which will protect against scratches while still giving full visibility without any bubbles whatsoever!

2- “Should I buy a screen protector for my iPad?” 

Apple is known for its high-quality products, which makes it a shame that they omit screen protectors from the package. Luckily there’s an easy fix! You can buy one on Amazon or at your local store—whatever you prefer

3- What size screen protector do I need for my iPad? 

Do you want to use your case with the glass screen protector? If so, make sure it’s 0.30mm or thicker! You should also search for tempered-glass protectors instead of just basic ones as they will be much stronger and provide better protection against scratches.